There is almost an endless range of garages available to you from Excalibur Steel Buildings, with the freedom to tailor make the size to your requirements . You can set the width, length and height to what you need. You can also choose from all the colours in the Colorbond range. You can select roller doors, PA (personal access) doors, windows etc.

Single Garage

Choose from the ‘standard’ 3 x 6 Metre size, or make the size to suit your needs. If you need more space, why not make it wider or longer. If you have a higher vehicle, such as a four wheel drive etc, you can increase the height to give the clearance you need.

Double Garages

Again, available in ‘standard’ sizes, or tailor made to your needs.

Strong design with embedded footing brackets and double sided joining plates for the frame – the only shed and garage design to win an Australian Design Award for Engineering Excellence.


Triple Garages and Bigger

Whether you need a 3 car garage, 4 car garage or bigger, we can help you.


What to look for before buying a garage

Here are a few things to consider before buying your garage:

Size – Width, length and height

Width: This is the dimension measured across the shed/garage at the gable wall ends.

Length: This measured along the side where your gutters run.

Height: This measured from the ground or slab level to the top of the eave purlin. Basically where the roof and wall sheets meet.

The size of your garage is determined mainly by what sort of vehicles you are putting into it. This will also determine the size of the roller door, which in turn determines other factors such as the height of the building.



Inclusions – by this we mean roller doors, PA (personal access) doors, windows, whirlybirds, insulation etc.

Council Requirements: In many councils there are maximum height restrictions and minimum distances of the front, side and back boundaries to look at.