Run out of space? Need somewhere to store your valuables or just to do some work?

From years of experience helping people with what they need in sheds, we know that every situation is different from the next one. There are 2 things we believe people should find out before buying a shed –

  • Storage Shed Gold Coast 5Work out what you need it for and finding a shed to suit – does the size work, are the roller door openings big enough, does it need a PA door or windows, would roof insulation help. When buying a shed, it’s very important to first think about what use your shed will have and what will be needed to do that. You normally start with the size, which entails the width, length and height. Work out how much space you will need, but also ask about what will give you more value – eg. you may want an 8.5m wide shed, but a 9m wide shed may use the same size frame and therefore be better value for money, for the size. Look at what opening width and height you need for the roller doors. Would roof insulation help. It certainly makes it more comfortable in most sheds. Do you want whirly birds (roof ventilators), to help keep a constant airflow through the building. Would windows help to let in light or fresh air. Would skylight sheets help with light into the shed. Once you’ve figured out what will work for you, you’re got a better chance to get a better shed.
  • Shed and Garage 1Find out what you are getting – Make sure you are getting value for money. Not every shed includes everything you need, including the engineering, which shows it complies.


Looking for Sheds that are strongly designed and made with quality steel that’s made to last?

Not all sheds are the same!

Sheds Gold Coast HinterlandWhile most sheds may look the same, this is where the similarity ends. The biggest challenge faced by you the customer is to discover the difference between one shed and the others. Some things we would suggest to look for are:

  • Where the steel is coming from – is it Australian or overseas steel
  • The weight of the shed – this can be surprising and shows you how much you are getting
  • What brand of Roller Doors – only use quality brands, as they will be constantly used
  • Does it include engineering – a cost saver and shows your shed is designed properly
  • Does it include delivery – saves you effort and expense


Whether you need a storage shed, a workshop shed, a farm shed, machinery shed, or just a toy shed, we can help you get the shed you need.

Have a browse through the huge range of sheds for sale from Excalibur Steel Buildings.


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Domestic Sheds

Sheds and Garages can come in many configurations when you talk with Excalibur Steel Buildings. We can supply sheds to not only the size you need, but also to the layout you need. For example, where do you want the roller doors to be placed, would you like a PA (personal access) door, do you need any windows etc. Other things to consider is roof insulation and roof ventilator (whirly birds).

Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds

Industrial Shed with entranceIndustrial and Commercial Sheds

Industrial Sheds

DIY Sheds 

DIY Sheds

Also available are:

workshop sheds

barn sheds

storage sheds


For a range of quality garages, see our page on garages.

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Because we are based in South East QLD, we have always serviced the different towns and cities in this region, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Beaudesert, Toowoomba as well as Northern New Wales.

We are now also able to supply Australia wide.

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