Industrial Sheds

Industrial sheds

Industrial Sheds

Small to large Industrial Sheds and Commercial Sheds, on the Gold coast and Brisbane. Custom Designed and purpose made to your needs. 

Industrial Sheds fall into a different building class to a domestic shed – Class 7, Class 8.

Excalibur Steel Buildings are one of the very few companies that can supply industrial sheds on the Gold Coast and Brisbane that are commercially rated. These are used as factories, for storage, manufacturing, warehouses and many other uses. We can also cater for other structures such as school buildings and aircraft hangers. Your business needs to run the best it can and we can help you with that. We also work with developers and property owners looking for commercial property investment and a suitable tenant.

Avoid the common mistakes made with industrial steel buildings

Industrial or commercial buildings will typically involve a much larger investment than a domestic or rural buildings. They must not only be functional, but prove worthwhile to the owner.

  1. Determine an overall budget for the project. There are many things that can affect the budget of a commercial or industrial building project. From council and government fees to variations to the building.

2. Find out what type and size building can be approved by council. Building approval is challenging whether you are a novice or seasoned developer as there are may hoops to jump through and rules and planning schemes constantly change. If you want to avoid a lot of pain we can recommend town planners and certifiers that can help you through the minefield of getting the building approved.

3. Make sure the shed is a usable building. This may sound like a strange comment to make, but some industrial buildings are better designed and laid out than others. For example, say you are a developer or investor. If you already have a tenant in mind, find out, within reason, what they require. You’ll be able to better lease the building out, and have a longer timeframe for the lease.


Why an Industrial Shed from Excalibur Steel Buildings will give you the best return. Whether you are a business owner or a property developer.

Industrial & Commercial ShedsWe are a family owned and run business and have many years of experience. We do a personalised service with each client so that they get the desired result.

No size limitations – If you think you are limited in size, extra width, height and length are no problems for us. If you want extra large bays and openings, we can accommodate that for you as well. If it’s a custom design you are after, give us a call and we can work with you and your needs.

Choice of designs and construction – We can supply industrial sheds in both cold rolled and hot rolled steel. This means you have more scope in how the building works and gives you the best solution for your needs.

Purpose made roller doors – Roller doors are integral to most industrial or commercial sheds. Larger sizes are needed for access by bigger vehicles and equipment. We can supply oversized doors if needed. We can also advise on a suitable heavy duty motor to motorise the door.

Fully compliant design and engineering provided – You will receive site specific engineering for your structure that complies to the latest Australian standards and building code.


Quality Australian Steel Used for a Longer Service Life

Industrial Steel Frame at Factory Shed on the Gold CoastWith industrial buildings, you don’t want to doing lots of maintainance to them once they are finished. Using quality Colorbond and high tensile will give you that longevity. We prefer and only use Colorbond steel from Bluescope Lysaght. Not only is the steel great quality, they are reliable in their supply.

Full Site Specific Engineering provided for the Building as well as the concrete and floor  requirements

One of the costs that can blow out in an industrial or commercial shed is the cost of design and engineering. With Excalibur Steel Buildings, you are covered for that because every shed includes site specific engineering. This means it matches with the site’s address and complies with the relevant standards and wind codes. Subject to a soil report, we can also provide engineering for the concrete slab and footings.

Mezzanine Floors and Staircases

If you require a mezzanine floor, engineering can be done for this as well.

If you’re looking for industrial sheds, give us a call on 07 5525 1111. We cover the Gold Coast, Brisbane as well as the rest of South East QLD and Northern NSW. We can work out the right building for you.


Contact Details and Office Address:

Excalibur Steel Buildings
Unit 1b, 75 Railway St, Mudgeeraba
Gold Coast QLD 4213
Ph. 07 5525 1111


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any size limitations?

Not really. The only limitations you might have will be based on how much land there is and what council requirements there are.


Can you assist with the DA and council application?

We are happy to assist you as much as we can. We know local town planners and certifiers who are very competant in their work, and this will make the process a lot easier for you.