Gable Carports

Gable Carports and Carport Kits 

Whether you trying to match your house (and add value to it) or simply protecting your vehicles, it’s important to find something to suit your needs. Excalibur Steel Buildings can provide a Gable Carport in a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs.

Many size options available:

Gable Carport with No-Infills - Open-EndsWith us, you are not limited to a couple of set sizes or set heights. The range of sizes available cover from domestic applications to commercial sizes with heights to cover car, boats, truck, caravans and motorhomes.

Large Spans – One of the unique advantages we have is that we are able to do large spans (or widths). A lot of suppliers are limited to 6m wide, but we can also do 7m wide, 8m wide, 9 wide, even 12m wide (or wider), with anything in between. This way you can get enough space to comfortably park your cars or vehicles.

Choice of gable infills or not:

Most gable carports will have the gable infills included as standard to finish the ends of the structure off. But if you have a caravan for example, with an airconditioning unit on the roof, you may need a bit of extra height in the middle – if you have this problem we can solve it for you because of our unique ability to remove the infills with these designs, leaving you with more usable height for you vehicles. If your situation changes down the track, an infill could also be added to the steel structure to finish off the ends.

High Strength designs:

In the least few years particularly, as technology improves, engineers have found out a lot more about the stresses that carports are under in high winds etc. A carport is only held in place with it’s posts, so they must be able to support the roof as well as provide bracing in all weather conditions. Excalibur Steel Buildings uses 75mm, 89mm, 100mm and larger SHS posts to support all sizes and wind conditions.

After the posts, the roof and infills section on a gable carport must be designed strong enough. High tensile frames and sheeting are used in all our carport designs, including gable roofs.

As well as this, quality fasteners are supplied to hold it all together.

Your carport comes complete with all components:

All the materials needed for your gable carport are there, including frame, roof sheets, all flashings, fasteners and posts. Even the guttering and downpipes are included – we always have a few people ask if these are included, and they always have been with us. As well as that all the fasteners that you need are included – nuts, bolts, screws, rivets – everything component to finish the project. This means there are no hidden extras.

Engineering included:

Your carport will come with the relevant engineering for your site that is signed off by a registered engineer in Australia. The engineering is an important part of the project. It may just be pieces of paper, but it gives peace of mind to you that the steel structure complies with the relevant standards and wind codes. It also allows the council application to be completed.

Direct delivery to many areas – Delivery straight to your door can be done to all of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Northern NSW, Beaudesert, Warwick and most of South East QLD.

If you would like more information, or a quote on your gable carport, please call us on 07 5525 1111 or simply go to the carport quotes page, fill in the form and submit and we’ll be in contact with you a soon as we can.

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Keith and Ashley Fraser