Mezzanine Floors

What is a mezzanine floor?

– the word ‘mezzanine’ can sometime mean a floor in between the other floors. In the case of shed, it is usually seen as  a raised extra floor above the ground level.

The main reason to have a mezzanine floor is to give you extra floor space for storage purposes, or living and office area. This is very economical way to get extra room without having to move premises or build again.

Shed with Mezzanine Floor

What to know when building a mezzanine floor –

1. The first thing to work out is what the floor will be used for. This will determine the strength, or amount of load, the floor is designed to handle. Capacity loads start from:

1.5kpa – Livable Space

3kpa – Office space or living space

4kpa - Storage Areas

5kpa – heavy loads such as dance floor, gymnastics floors

2. Size - Another thing to consider is the total size of the floor area, and how much of the shed are you using. ie. Is it a partial second storey floor or covering the whole area.

3. Stairs – In most cases, people want a set of stairs for easy access. Again, like the floor structure, you can get light and heavy duty stairs. These are also sent in kit form and simply bolt together. You can also order handrails for one side or both sides.   

Raised Storage Area in Warehouse
Prefab Metal Stairs

What do we supply with your mezzanine floor 

– With a floor from Excalibur Steel Buildings, you will get everything you need to build the floor. This includes the posts, the frame, connecting brackets as well as the fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws). We might also be able to arrange to have the flooring boards supplied to you.

What benefits does a mezzanine floor from us give you:

Fully Engineered – All complete floors come with engineering drawings plus form or certificate.

Supplied using Australia made steel – We use and recommend Australian made steel, direct from Bluescope Lysaght. The steel is made and tested here so that you know you are getting the best quality and it has the required strength. Galvanised steel posts are used to support the floor. High tensile bearers and joists make for a strong floor.

Cut to size so it simply bolts together – All the posts and frame members are cut to the required length. This saves you time on installation. It also saves you money because you are only paying for what you need. Our national agreement with suppliers ensures that you get the best prices as well.

This makes our floors an excellent DIY construction project.

Able to be delivered to your door – With access to over 20 plants and branches, we can deliver to most areas of Australia. This includes most capital cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, as well as many regional areas throughout Australia. Your floor will come consolidated and wrapped in one easy drop.

Mezzanine Floor in Shed
Mezzanine Floor Kits