Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds designed for you and delivered to you

Farm Sheds need to be strong yet versatile. Whether it’s a storage shed, a machinery shed, an implement shed, packing shed, a workshop or hay shed etc. they have to do multiple jobs and be durable enough to last.

The range of structures from Excalibur Steel Buildings can do all this and more, so that your farm or property keeps running as it should.

Some of the benefits to you include:

  • Big Range of Spans & Bays – Not limited by set sizes – A farm shed can be used for a lot of different purpose, depending on the property where it is. Machinery continues to get higher and wider, and so the shed has to accommodate that. Larger bays means less posts which gives you easier loading, unloading and stacking of hay bales and equipment etc. Great for that open front shed.
  • Choice of Heights
  • All types of Configurations and Designs Available – You can have a fully enclosed, fully open (no walls) or open sided/open fronted shed(where there some open bays and some walls sheeted)
  • High Tensile connection plates on all frames
  • Unique Hold Down System
  • High Tensile Steel Frame sections and Sheeting
  • Genuine Australian Steel – We only use and recommend Australian made steel for your shed because we think it’s the best for value and longevity, and when you’re buying a farm shed, it not only has to go up on the day, but it has to be there for many years to come. Bluescope steel carry a lot of research and testing, both in the lab and out in the field to improve on it’s steel and coatings, including Colorbond. Buying Australian steel, we feel, will save you money and time in the long run with farm sheds.
  • Manufactured in Australia – supporting Australian manufacturing means greater opportunities for everyone
  • Choice of Colours – With our sheds you also get the choose from the complete range of Colorbond colours, as well  as Zincalume.
  • Site Specific Engineering Included – Every shed includes full site specific engineering drawings to suit the local topography and wind conditions of your property. All our buildings are designed to comply with the latest building standards and wind codes. This also covers all the different wind regions. For example there is a substantial difference in a shed made for a cyclonic area instead of a non-cyclonic area. Site specific engineering is utilised when working out your needs. This means that it takes into account several factors at your location, including wind region, terrain category and shielding.
  • Non-Cyclonic and Cyclonic buildings available - No matter where you are, tell us what you need and we will work out a design to suit your local wind and weather conditions. We know farmers are smart in the way they place their farm sheds away from prevailing wind if possible, and so we just want to help further guarantee that your farm shed will stand the test of time.
  • Simple to Erect – The steel is cut to length and hole punched which means you save time on installation. You also save money because there is minimal wastage. You receive a bill of materials (parts list), plus a construction guide or detailed drawings with exploded views of connections to assist with your shed kit.

If there are any questions, you’re also welcome to call us.

Types of Farm Buildings we can Supply

Machinery Sheds

The primary role of machinery sheds is to give you proper protection of your farm equipment. Farmers make big investments in the various parts of farm machinery, but it all goes to waste if there’s no roof overhead to protect them. Machinery sheds can be what we call open-sided or fully enclosed depending on the situation and the farmer’s preferences. One thing they must have is adequate height to clear the vehicles and attachments.


Hay Sheds

Need to store your hay in a safe place?

We can supply basically any size hay shed you want. The main aim is to be as efficient as possible. You don’t need to waste any excess space where you could be putting more hay bales. We can design the size, height and bay sizes to suit.

Grain Sheds

The advantage of having a grain shed on your property is that you can store the grain quickly and sell it at a time that suits you. The main thing to consider with a grain shed is the load that can be exerted on the walls, as well as the whole structure. We can design you a shed to suit the size of harvest, but also be easy to use and cost efficient. 

So if you’re looking for quality farm sheds at competitive prices, you can request a quote by going to the Shed Quotes page or you can phone 1300 011191 and speak with an expert directly.

So if you’re after a decent, strong farm shed, give us a call on 1300 011191 and we can help you work out what is best for you.


Ashley and Keith Fraser