Triple Garages

Triple Garage

If you’re looking for a triple garage to store your valuable vehicles, Excalibur Sheds has many options and solutions for you.

When people are looking for a triple garage, they are normally thinking first about enough space for 3 cars. But you may find it beneficial to add more space to the garage to use as a workshop or for storage etc. Depending on the vehicles, you may need extra height or width or length. Sometimes a standard run of the mill type garage won’t work for you. Excalibur Sheds has always specialised in supplying garages that suit what the individual person needs in their situation. That includes choice of size, colours, roller doors, PA doors and windows.

Why Choose Excalibur Steel Buildings for a Triple Garage

Long Term Local Family Owned Business – 3 generations of experience in the building industry. You also get to talk with people who know how a garage goes together and don’t just sell them.

Quality Australian Steel Supplied – We only recommend and supply genuine Bluescope steel including Colorbond, Zincalume and Galvanised finishes.

Site Specific Engineering Included – Complies with current building and wind codes.

Not Limited to Standard Sizes and Configurations – You set the width, length and height of your garage.

Multiple Design Systems for a Better Choice – It’s all about getting the best designed garage for your situation and budget.

Different configurations available

You can choose what type of layout you want for your triple garage.

Enclosed workshop area - Although the trend is to have 3 roller doors, you could simply have the 3rd bay enclosed as a workshop area.

Add an awning - If you want even more undercover protection, why not consider adding an awning to the garage. It’s a simple and economical way to get more value out of the building.

Automatic roller doors - Why not make it easier for yourself. Adding motors to one or all the roller door means less effort for you and your family. It also means you’re not having get out of the car to get wet if it’s raining!

Be comfortable with an insulated shed - Adding insulation to the roof and/or walls can give you a lower, more constant temperature in your garage.

Triple Garage Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size for a 3 car garage?

For standard size cars a 6m wide x 9m long garage will work in most cases.

But there are a few other options here, because it depends on what vehicles you have. If you have longer vehicles, extend the width past 6m to give yourself more room. Examples are 6.5m or 7m

Increase the height of your garage for higher vehicles or if you are thinking of using it as a workshop as well (See the workshop shed page for more information).

How wide is a triple garage?

If you are looking at the 3 rollers doors, the typical width of a triple garage is 9m. Across the gable end it can be 6m to 7m.

How much would a 3 car garage cost?

Steel Pricing changes more often these days, so for the best current pricing, please call us. The cost of a 3 car garage will depend on wind region, size, number of doors and windows plus other reasons.