No matter what you need in sheds, there is something here to suit your purpose. Whether you need a something for storage, as a workshop, for farm and rural use, to store machinery, or just for your toys, we can help you get what you need. From years of experience helping people with what they need, we know that every situation is different from the next one. Have a browse through the huge range of sheds for sale from Excalibur Steel Buildings.

What will my Shed be used for?

This is the number one question you need to answer before buying your shed.

You need to work out what is the main purpose of the shed. Will it serve one purpose or is it a multi-purpose building. Sheds can come in many configurations. Once you work out what the shed is for, or what problems it solves, we can design the right shed for you.

Things such as:

Size – Based on your needs and size property, determine the best size and space for your shed. This involves the width, length and height. Also ask about what will give you more value. Does the size work, are the roller door openings big enough, does it need a PA door or windows, would roof insulation help. When buying a shed, it’s very important to first think about what you will use for and what will be needed to do that.

Just as a sidenote, we have never had a customer say to us that the shed they ordered was too big. But we have had people come to us saying that they need to extend what they have or buy another whole shed. So the lesson is, make sure you have enough space to work in.

Layout – For example, where do you want the roller doors to be placed, would you like a PA (personal access) door, do you need any windows etc. Do you need an awning on one or both sides. Do you need any internal walls.

Additions: Roller Doors, PA (Personal Access) Doors, Windows, Whirly Birds, Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation. Ask yourself - Would roof insulation help. It certainly makes it more comfortable in most sheds. Do you want whirly birds (roof ventilators), to help keep a constant airflow through the building. Would windows help to let in light or fresh air. Would skylight sheets help with light into the shed. Once you’ve figured out what will work for you, you’re got a better chance to get a better shed.

Other important questions are:

Do I need council approval and what can I get approved?

In most cases the answer will be yes. It’s always advisable to either talk with your local council or call a local building certifier or surveyor to find out.

Is quality important to me?

Just ask yourself, do I want a quality. Do I want to know that it will last and is strong enough. Sheds are the one of the biggest investments you will buy in your lifetime. Like everything else you buy, there are differences, and predominately, you get what you pay for. The challenge is to find out what those differences are. A quality shed uses the best steel and is designed to be solid and withstand the wind and weather conditions. Is quality important to you or are you happy to settle for second best or even third best?

I live in a cyclonic area – Can I get a cyclone rated shed?

We cater for every wind region in Australia. This includes high wind areas in cyclonic regions.

Can I get engineering with my shed?

All our sheds include site specific engineering which show that your shed has been designed to pass the current wind conditions and standards at your location.


  • Warning - Not all sheds are the same!

While most sheds may look the same, this is where the similarity ends. The biggest challenge faced by you the customer is to discover the difference between one and the other, so get the best shed.

Some things we would suggest to look for are:

  • Where the steel is coming from – is it fully Australian steel, or part Australian, part imported steel, or completely imported steel
  • Is it a strong, up to date design - does it comply with current BCA (Building Code of Australia) and Australian standards
  • The weight of the shed – this can be surprising and shows you how much you are getting
  • What brand of Roller Doors – only use quality brands, as they will be constantly used
  • Is everything included – you shouldn’t have to buy fasteners or brackets or anything!
  • Is there a complete choice of colours and profiles
  • Does it include engineering – a cost saver and shows your shed is designed properly
  • Does it include delivery – saves you effort and expense

Find out what you are getting – It's your money, make sure you are getting value. Not every shed includes everything you need. Not every steel building is well designed. Some give you much more value than others.

Looking for Sheds that are built to last and made with quality steel?

Here are some of the benefits and types of buildings available to you from Excalibur Steel Buildings:

  • You are not limited to a set size or layout for your Shed - Choose your width, length and height, as well as different bay sizes. From small garages to large sheds to be used on a farm or for industrial use, we can supply it.
  • Strong Designs that Pass and Exceed Current Building Standards and Codes - BCA compliant for peace of mind and safety. With such a wide difference in quality and design of sheds currently in the industry, it is challenging sometimes for people to select the best value building for them. There are very cheap sheds out there, and to be honest, you get what you pay for with these. There are also many designs that are similar in price range, and here is where you have to get a very good comparison of what you are looking at for your own shed. 
  • Full range of additions available including:
  • Roller Doors - Manual and motorised operation, genuine Colorbond steel. From specialised manufacturers
  • PA Doors - Premium range used for that better finish.
  • Windows - Color coded in various sizes
  • Roof and Wall Insulation - Made for sheds, that actually makes a difference
  • Vermaseal - A great product that's made to keep out vermin and rats. To suit all profiles
  • Complete Buildings Supplied that Include Every Part You Need to Build - even guttering, downpipes and fasteners
  • Genuine Australian Made High Tensile Steel from Bluescope Lysaght
  • Choice of the Full Range of Colours using Genuine Colorbond Steel
  • Delivery available to your door - to most areas of Australia

Types and Designs for Sale

Farm Sheds

  • Machinery Sheds
  • Produce Sheds
  • Hay Sheds
  • Equine Arenas and Shelters?

Industrial and Commercial Sheds

  • Virtually any size you need in both hot rolled and cold rolled steel section?

Shed Kits

  • Full kits available that include everything you need?

Workshop Sheds

  • Need somewhere just to do some work? - variable bay sizes and heights. Made for every purpose

Storage Sheds

  • Run out of space? Need somewhere to store your valuables? - Save time & money by getting your own storage building

Caravan Sheds

  • The best investment you can make to protect your valuable asset

For a FREE quote and design as well as the latest shed prices, call us on 1300 011 191 or 07 5525 1111.

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