Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

What is a mezzanine floor?

– the word ‘mezzanine’ can sometime mean a floor in between the other floors. In the case of shed, it is usually seen as  a raised extra floor above the ground level.

The main reason to have a mezzanine floor is to give you extra floor space for storage purposes, or living and office area. This is a very economical way to get extra room at home. For industry this means you don't have to move to another factory or warehouse, which is a huge cost saving.

What are the advantages of a Mezzanine Floor?

The main advantage of mezzanine floors is that they are a very economical way to give you extra floor space, compared to other ways, such as moving or adding another building. This is the same for both industrial (warehouse, factory) and domestic buildings (sheds and garages). 

Mezzanine for Commercial Buildings

If the building you are in is running out of floor space, why not add a mezzanine floor.

Warehouse Mezzanine 

Office Mezzanine 

- The quickest and most economical way to more space for storage in a factory or commercial space.

– A mezzanine floor is also a great idea for getting more office space, as well as storage for supplies. Having a proper office, particularly in a dirty factory, makes it a lot easier to do business. It also gives you a cleaner space to meet with customers.

A mezzanine floor means you can expand your business quickly and  efficiently. For industry this also means you don't have to move to another factory or warehouse, which is a huge cost saving.

Mezzanine for Domestic Structures - Sheds and Garages

The benefits are similar to a commercial building. A mezzanine floor can give you extra storage space, possibly a home office, warehouse type storage for a home based business or many other reasons.

What to know before buying a mezzanine floor –

1. The first thing to work out is what the floor will be used for.

This will determine the load rating, possibly the layout of the floor and posts, as well as the size and clearance height.

2. Size - Another thing to consider is the total size of the floor area, and how much of the shed are you using. ie. Is it a partial second storey floor or covering the whole area.

3. Stairs and Handrails – In most cases, people want a set of stairs for easy access. Again, like the floor structure, you can get light and heavy duty stairs. These are also sent in kit form and simply bolt together. You can also order handrails for one side or both sides.  

Are Mezzanine Floors Rateable?

Yes, all properly designed and engineered mezzanine floors have a load rating. This rating is measured in Kpa.

As mentioned above, when you know what you need the floor for, you then know what the rating needs to be. 

Below are some capacity loads used for mezzanine floors, as well as common uses for them:

1.5kpa – Livable Space

3kpa – Office space, living space or storage

4kpa - Storage Areas

5kpa – heavy loads such as dance floor, gymnastics floors

Note: We tend to quote at 3kpa minimum, as there is often little cost difference to 1.5kpa 

Ratings are nominated in kpa. Kpa stands for kilopascal and is a unit of pressure. 1 kpa is 1000 newtons per square metre. One kpa also works out to about 100kg per square metre.

There is a big difference between a structural mezzanine and one that's just made up out of random materials. Our specialised quoting and engineering system can find the best option for you. 

Mezzanine Floor Kit

Are Mezzanine Floors Expensive?

For most people, a mezzanine floor is not a common purchase, so even though they give extra needed space, they want to know if they are expensive to buy.

The fact is, mezzanine floors are very good value for money, provided they are designed well.

Factors that can affect the price lie in the engineering and overall layout. This can mean the relationship between how many posts and the size of the frame needed. There will be a ‘sweet spot’ with a particular number of posts to support a particular size frame.

Looking in more detail we also have:

  • Load Rating - Mezzanine floors with a rating of 3kpa will work for most standard cases.
  • Joist Spacing - We prefer a joist spacing of 450mm over 600mm. The smaller spacing gives more steel frame and you don’t have to use heavier, more expensive floor boards.
  • Bearer and Joist design - A joist over bearer design can cost less sometimes than an in-plane type design, but it uses more height, which means less storage space. So usually in-plane designed mezzanine floors are the better option overall.

We can look at several layouts for you for your mezzanine floor so that you get the right solution for your particular case.

What do we supply with the mezzanine floor kits 

– With a floor from Excalibur Steel Buildings, you will get all the parts you need to build the floor frame. This includes the posts, the frame, connecting brackets as well as the fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws). You will also need flooring boards and these are easily supplied by a local hardware store. 

What benefits does our mezzanine floor give you:

Fully Engineered – All complete floors come with engineering drawings plus form or certificate. This means a cost savings to you when compared to designing the floor from scratch.

Supplied using Australia made steel – We use and recommend Australian made steel, direct from Bluescope Lysaght. The steel is made and tested here so that you know you are getting the best quality and it has the required strength. Galvanised steel posts are used to support the floor. High tensile bearers and joists make for a strong floor.

Cut to size so it simply bolts together – All the posts and frame parts are cut to the required length. This system saves you time on installation. You simply put it together by hand then tighten everything up. It will also cost you less money because you are only paying for what you need. Our national agreement with suppliers ensures that you get the best prices as well.

This makes our mezzanine floor kits an excellent DIY construction project.

Able to be delivered to your door – With systems in place to access to over 20 plants and branches, we can deliver to most areas of Australia. This includes most capital cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, as well as many regional areas throughout Australia. Your floor will come consolidated and wrapped in one easy drop.

Shed Mezzanine Kit

Mezzanine Stairs and Handrails:

We can also supply stairs in standard duty and heavy duty formats. Choose between handrails both side, a handrails on one side only, or no handrails. These come hot dipped galvanised to give you a durable and long lasting finish.

Handrails are also available in a hot dipped galvanised finish and are designed to work in with the handrails on the stairs. A gate is an option with a handrail.

Shed Stairs
Shed Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Stairs in Shed