Workshop Sheds

Looking for a workshop shed that built well and looks great?

Workshop Shed

A shed that's so good, you can just go about the work that you really want to do.

Before you order a shed that you will be doing work in often, it really pays to think about what it's for and how you are going to use it.

How much space do you need for your equipment? This can determine the size of the shed. Then you can work out how wide and long you need the shed or garages to be.

It’s worth mapping out the layout of your workshop shed to make sure it’s going to work for you.

Car Hoist - Height etc

Room for Bench space - allow some room along the walls. How much space you need will depend on how wide the bench is.

Options to enclose or have an open bay etc - Sometimes you might just want a carport type bay at the end of the shed. An open wall is also used, as in a workshop shed on a farm, because it’s easier to drive the equipment straight in.

What do you need it for - cars, bikes, machinery, trucks, furniture etc - This is the main question you need to answer. Will it be used for one purpose or is it a multipurpose shed.

Workshop Shed Prices

How much is a workshop shed - Workshop shed prices vary considerably, depending on the size and configuration.

Basis workshop sheds could start below $10,000 but it depends on what will work for you.

Different Designs for Sale

Standard workshop shed designs feature a gable roof, but you could build one with a skillion roof instead. The advantage of a gable roofed shed is the extra height you can get in the middle of the roof, if you are looking to install a car hoist for mechanical work. your text here...

Workshop Shed Kit