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Looking for Sheds in the Brisbane Area?

As a South East Queensland based shed company, we can offer all types and designs of sheds for people living in the Brisbane area. We understand that every home is different to the next one, so ensure that every shed is made to suit your particular situation and needs.

Buildings of all types can be done including garages, studios, workshops, storage sheds, farm sheds as well as commercial and industrial sheds.

You are not limited to set sizes and configurations as we can custom make the shed size to suit. Choose from different widths, lengths, height as well as bay sizes so you have a shed that will work for you.

Different structural designs can also be chosen:

Traditional portal frame shed - open frames and trusses to maximise space.

We also cover all areas of Brisbane, whether it's northside, southside, bayside or western suburbs. From small garages to large industrial sheds, we've got you covered. With a large manufacturing plant located at Archerfield, you know that your shed will be made locally from Australian steel and Colorbond steel.



Some frequently asked questions:

Q. Which wind region is Brisbane in?

The city and surrounding areas are in Region B. It is sometimes also referred to as W41 or N3 wind region. Sheds supplied for the area must be designed and built to pass these standards.

To know that your shed is properly designed you should receive a Form 15 for Queensland, along with the engineering drawings. These should all be signed off and referenced by the structural engineer.

Q. Can I get my shed delivered direct to my door?

With Excalibur Steel Buildings, you sure can. We cover all suburbs in and around the city.

Q. Do I need council approval for my shed?

In nearly every case, yes you will. You can either speak directly to the council or engage a private building certifier to handle it for you. We may also be able to assist you in finding a certifier if  needed. We highly recommend using a certifier, as this proves to be quicker and easier.


Why Choose Excalibur Steel Buildings for Sheds and Garages

  • Local long established QLD based supplier of sheds - We are a family owned and run business and offer a personalised service to all our customers. We have now been involved in the construction industry for 3 generations and have the experience to find the best solution in sheds.
  • Genuine Australian made Colorbond and Zincalume Steel by Bluescope Steel - Your shed will be made from quality steel manufactured in Brisbane. The sheds come with every component you need to complete your project, right down to guttering, downpipes and fasteners.
  • Choice of Colours - Because the sheds are made to suit, you have the choice of the complete range of Colorbond colours.
  • Engineering Included - All our sheds include site specific engineering so you know that your shed complies with current standards and wind codes. Compliant engineering means you are ready to apply for council approval, whether it's Brisbane City Council, Logan, Redland Bay or Moreton Bay Council.
  • Better Value Sheds - We don't supply lightweight sheds. Clever designs using more steel gives you a better shed.

Be Aware - Not all Sheds are the same, choose wisely

They're not all the same. This is said in many industries, but trying to compare 'apples for apples' with sheds is near on impossible. You have to look at the details. Just because 2 sheds are the same size, it doesn't mean that you're getting the same quality or the same amount of steel in both. Check to see if they can tell you the weight of the shed, the size of the frames, which roof and wall sheets are used and where the steel comes from (all of it, not just say the gutter brackets).

So if you live in the Brisbane area and are looking for quality, affordable sheds that are value for money, feel free to call or email us. You can also request a quote. We’d be only too happy to help you out.


Shed Manufacturing Plant Location in Brisbane:


Delivery areas:

Areas for supply include Northside, Southside, Inner Brisbane, Bayside Area and Western Suburbs